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 30 August - 3 September 2021 
Nature-based Solutions: the ‘no-regret’ routes to carbon neutrality
Nature-based Solutions are valuable tools for climate change mitigation, economic development, food security, improved health or Disaster Risk Reduction. The article discusses the crucial role that forests play in China's climate change mitigation strategy. It also underlines the often forgotten importance of wetlands, grasslands and croplands and their essential ecological, social and economic functions, which cannot be replaced by forestry alone.
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Kerala’s homegardens are a Natural solution for climate change mitigation
Homegardens provide many ecosystem services - from providing food and fuel and holding rich biodiversity to fixing soil nitrogen, managing hydrological cycles and acting as carbon sinks. Homegardens in Kerala are a traditional Natural solution that will help in climate change mitigation.
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Rebuilding relationships over Natural resources in Darfur
Across Sudan’s arid Darfur region, water has always been one of the most precious commodities. Without it, life literally trickles to an end. With climate change, the availability of water for farming and living has become more unpredictable. But there are innovative, Nature-based Solutions to tackle Darfur’s environmental issues.
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Landslide Disaster Risk in the Kivu Rift is linked to deforestation and population growth
Landslides occur in mountainous regions all over the world, causing thousands of fatalities each year. The strong population growth in recent decades, the increase in food demand, and the development of economic activities have incited more people to settle in more landslide-prone areas, often at the expense of natural ecosystems.
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Forest restoration and tree-planting – What impact for climate change mitigation?
Although planting new trees alone cannot solve climate change, when combined with well-thought out restoration of existing forests and reducing emissions, tree planting can play a significant role. Join this virtual conference to discuss the joint impact forest restoration and tree-planting can have on climate change mitigation.
Date: 7 September, 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM CET
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Nature-based Solutions & Climate Adaptation online event
Hosted during edie’s special COP26 Focus Week of content and events, this Nature-based Solutions & Climate Adaptation online event offers up an afternoon of live, interactive webinar presentations and discussions – all dedicated to driving business action around these two critical themes of the upcoming climate talks.
Date: 9 September, 1 PM - 4 PM BST
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Nature-based Solutions for infrastructure, the global sand crisis, and wealth Distribution
Todd Bridges (Engineering With Nature program), Anita van Breda (Environment and Disaster Management at the World Wildlife Fund) and William Glamore (Water Research Laboratory, University of New South Wales, Sydney) are talking about the international guidelines on Nature-based Solutions, Nature-based flood management and approaches to infrastructure.
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How can we protect our coastlines from flooding
Healthy ecosystems can reduce the negative impacts of climate change. For instance, coastal habitats like mangroves provide Natural flood defences, well-protected lakes retain water sources during droughts, and healthy forests reduce the risk of devastating wildfires.
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Elected member briefing note: Nature-based Solutions
Nature-based Solutions have a critical role to play in responding to climate change, with a role in removing carbon, preventing emissions and helping us adapt to the impacts of climate change that are already occurring. The Improvement Service (IS) has developed this Elected Members Briefing Series to help elected members keep pace with key issues affecting local government.
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The 4 returns framework for landscape restoration
We live in a period of instability: suffering from the impacts of a crippling pandemic, climate change and witnessing an accelerating loss of biodiversity. The degradation of our life support system – our planetary ecosystems – is leaving the human race vulnerable.
The 4 Returns Framework offers a science-based, long-
term initiative for restoring healthy landscapes.
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Job Opportunities
Programme Management Officer, P3 (specialist to join our team!)
Organization: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Duty Station: Geneva, Switzerland
Deadline for Application: 8 September 2021
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Disaster Risk Reduction Expert for Regional Coordination
Organization: United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR)
Duty Station: Brussels, Belgium
Deadline for Application: 2 September 2021
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Program Development Coordinator - Building with Nature Asia
Organization: Boskalis and Wetlands International
Duty Station: Papendrecht, Netherland
Deadline for Application: 24 September 2021
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Senior Programme Developer – Building with Nature Asia
Organization: Wetlands International
Duty Station: Offices in Asia (Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, or Jakarta)
Deadline for Application: 27 September 2021
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